7 novembre 2012

Kiss & Telly

Il 22 settembre 2012 Box Office India ha pubblicato un articolo dedicato alle aggressive attività promozionali televisive attuate dai produttori a sostegno delle nuove pellicole in distribuzione. Non solo interviste: le star bollywoodiane si inseriscono nel cast delle soap più amate regalando delle special appearance. 'According to the FICCI-KPMG media and entertainment report 2012, India is the third largest TV market after the US and China, registering 146 million TV households. Experts reveal that television is the largest medium for media delivery in India in terms of revenue and it represents 45 per cent of the total media industry. Here’s a different perspective: 623 TV channels are watched by people across the country every day. It’s an opportunity just begging to be exploited'.