10 luglio 2012

Eega: recensioni

Prima di tutto una precisazione: il regista S.S. Rajamouli ha diretto in simultanea la versione telugu (Eega) e quella tamil (Naan Ee). Sono previste inoltre le edizioni doppiate in hindi e in malayalam (Eecha). A seguire una sensazionale notizia: la versione sottotitolata in inglese distribuita negli USA ha registrato nel fine settimana una media di spettatori per proiezione superiore a quella conseguita da The Amazing Spider-Man! Ed eccovi alcune entusiastiche recensioni: TeluguNow.com, ****1/2: 'One of the most talked about movies in recent times Eega is expected to create a new revolution in Indian cinema. And kudos to taskmaster Rajamouli for his creativity and brave effort. (...) This is one film which will definitely take Indian cinema (especially Tollywood) to greater heights. Eega has 90 minutes of visual extravaganza and never-seen-before animated effects'. The Times of India, ****: 'What's fascinating is that the movie shows a computer-generated-housefly can have pretty much the same effect on the audiences as a rippling superstar. Hair-raising entertainment, jaw dropping, mind-bending thrill-a-second ride of the season, probably the decade, Eega is a game changer. (...) Rajamouli delivered all too well. (...) He's set a new bench mark for Telugu cinema. There are some very original thrills and sequences that will sweep you off your feet. The computer-generated wizardry is seamless. (...) But what is most impressive is the storytelling. Most Telugu filmmakers rely solely on dialogue to take the story forward, but this is perhaps the first film that has the camera taking the narrative forward. In fact, the housefly doesn't have a single dialogue. (...) Visual Effects are just the best ever for a Telugu film, both in terms of originality and quality of output. The film has over 90 minutes of never-before-seen-visual effects that just blow the audiences away'. Hindustan Times, ****: 'The story is old, but the execution is new and fresh. Eega is by far the most brilliant animation and graphics film. The hardwork put in by the entire team is clearly visible onscreen'. Rediff, ****: 'Eega is a reincarnation tale crafted on a grandiose scale with spectacular visual effects, brilliant acting, top-notch cinematography and melodious music, all brought together by director S.S. Rajamouli. Rajamouli has not only created an outstanding piece of cinema, but one that is entertaining and keeps audience glued to the screen. The technical brilliance of the film speaks volumes for the hard work that has gone into its making. Eega has shown that a film can work without the aid of superstars, relying on good content and graphics'. TollywoodAndhra.in, ***1/2: '(Sudeep) delivered an extraordinary performance blend with perfect emotions. (...) Rajamouli is one director every producer is ready to give a blank cheque and wait for 20 years to make a movie with him. Rajamouli is a director every star hero would keep his current commitments aside for a movie with him. (...) He got every thing right from his part – the story, screenplay, taking, narration. He extracted everything that is required from the cast and crew of the movie'. SuperGoodMovies.com, ***1/2: 'Eega is an event. It can’t be put into words. It should be experienced to know the greatness of it. There are some mind blowing thrills and sequences that will sweep you off your feet. (...) There are many clap worthy scenes in the film. One would can’t help but fall in love with Rajamouli’s visualization and his terrific narration. (...) Sudeep was terrific. (...) His stellar performance was one of the major plus points of the film. His screen presence will make you feel that there is no better option than him for this role. (...) Eega is a technically well made film. Production values were top notch. Rajamouli has done a terrific job. His ideas and execution were superb in the film. There were many scenes where one would admire Rajamouli. He is undoubtedly the best director in Tollywood now'. GreatAndhra.com, ***1/2: 'This is the first time that Telugu cinema has seen a movie with high quality graphics. (...) While the technical standards of the film are par excellence and have redefined the Tollywood parameters, due credit goes to Rajamouli. He is a good storyteller and whatever scene he composes, there is conviction in it. (...) Simple subject, superb execution, worth watching!!'. TeluguOne.com, ***: 'Undoubtedly, Rajamouli is a top film maker in Telugu cinema for the present era. His technical brilliance, concept and the way he executes the script is outstanding. Audience can see his hard work and efforts on the big screen in every frame. Eega is definitely one of the best movies Tollywood has ever seen while taking its special effects into account. On the flip side, too much cinematic liberty has been taken and few scenes are not convincing. (...) Eega is going to set a benchmark in Tollywood for its quality of film making and the kind of special effects used'. The Hindu: 'S.S. Rajamouli is completely in control of his team, his narrative and his vision. He proves, yet again, that he is one of the finest storytellers in contemporary Telugu cinema. He is aided by an equally talented team that helps give form to a movie that could have become gimmicky and shallow. Eega raises the bar for visual effects and animation for an Indian film. (...) Eega shows what Indian filmmakers and production houses are capable of, at budgets much lower than that of Hollywood. (...) Sudeep (...) is a perfect match for the animated Eega. (...) Only an actor of calibre could have pulled off a role that called for emoting with an imaginary Eega. Remember that the Eega was added to the frames with the computer graphics after the visuals were shot. Sudeep can keep a few empty shelves ready in his abode to accommodate all the awards he is poised to win the coming year'. The Hindu (recensione di Naan Ee): 'Rarely has a Telugu filmmaker been able to transcend the flavour typical to his region and vest his treatment with universal appeal. But Rajamouli accomplishes it with élan. The time and care he has taken to weave a racy and engaging yarn of love and villainy, with a housefly as the fulcrum, can be seen in every frame'. OneIndia.in: '(Sudeep) has given an extraordinary performance. (...) When it comes to direction, S.S. Rajamouli's work needs no mention. (...) He has brought out an excellent film. The storyline and plot are perfect. The presentation is superb and the narration is extraordinary. In fact, the director himself is the hero in Eega'.

Le prime del 13 luglio: Cocktail

Saif Ali Khan e Deepika Padukone tornano insieme sul grande schermo nella commedia romantica Cocktail, diretta da Homi Adajania, che aveva già lavorato con Saif in Being Cyrus. Nel cast anche Boman Irani e Dimple Kapadia. La sceneggiatura è redatta da Imtiaz Ali. La colonna sonora è composta da Pritam. Un assaggio nei brani Tumhi Ho Bandhu, Daaru Desi Cocktail, Yaariyaan, Second Hand Jawaani e Jugni. La pellicola è stata girata in gran parte a Londra. Produce Saif Ali Khan. Trailer.

Le prime del 13 luglio: Billa II

Caricato in rete il 2 luglio, il trailer del film tamil Billa II in India sta creando grande scalpore, e ha registrato in otto giorni quasi 900.000 visualizzazioni. La pellicola è il prequel di Billa (trailer - da segnalare il notevole commento musicale), fortunata gangster story del 2007 ispirata a Don. Dirige Chakri Toleti. Il protagonista è l'attore Ajith Kumar. La colonna sonora è composta da Yuvan Shankar Raja. Il film verrà anche doppiato in lingua telugu (titolo: David Billa).