15 giugno 2012

Rowdy Rathore: recensioni e interviste

Rowdy Rathore al botteghino ha letteralmente sbancato, regalando ad Akshay Kumar il secondo grande successo del 2012 dopo una serie di film sfortunati. Grazie ad Housefull 2 e a RR, infatti, Akshay si è guadagnato il trionfale ingresso nell'ambito 100 crore club. RR è, ad oggi, il campione d'incassi fra le pellicole distribuite in un fine settimana non festivo. Vi segnaliamo di seguito alcune recensioni. Bollywood Hungama, ****: 'RR follows the existing trend to create more homespun, home-flavored desi movies rather than pursue the money-spinning NRI souk that has, until recently, been the order of the day. While the central plot is pretty commonplace, the screenplay packs a solid punch, with several clap-trap situations interlaced in the narrative, though it slips into the knowable zone at times. Sure, there are a few limp moments, but a swift narrative outweighs this inadequacy. Besides, stability is maintained in both halves of the film. While the first hour of the film is replete with entertainment, the second half gets into the action mode (the flashback portions are outstanding), but the entertainment values are maintained at the same level. This one is the emblematic formula movie with distinct essentials that Indian masses yearn for. On the whole, RR is designed to magnetize the masses in hordes. The accurate blend of action, emotions, drama and humor, besides a superlative performance by Akshay Kumar, makes this motion picture an immensely pleasurable and delightful movie watching experience'.  The Times of India, ***: 'The film's an unabashed, gunpowder-hot, sambar-spiced star-vehicle which runs along energetically most of the time because its star - Akshay Kumar, essaying a double role as Rathore and Shiva - is worth it, something that's emphasized often'. Hindustan Times, *: 'To all the directors, producers, actors who are inflicting eighties-style, low-IQ, deafeningly loud, unapologetically crass, mind-numbing movies on us, I just want to say: Don’t angry me! Don’t exhaust me! Don’t bludgeon me! RR beats you to a pulp, cinematically. Is this entertaining? Not for me. RR is pure noise. Only the brave should venture in'. Vi segnaliamo inoltre una piacevole intervista concessa da Akshay Kumar a The Times of India, nonchè tre interviste rilasciate da Sanjay Leela Bhansali, produttore di RR: The Times of India, Box Office India e Bollywood Hungama.

Eega: My name is Nani

Vi segnaliamo il video del brano My name is Nani incluso nella colonna sonora di Eega, composta da M.M. Keeravani. La canzone è visualizzata dall'attore Nani. Il regista S.S. Rajamouli ha precisato che il filmato è stato realizzato a scopo promozionale, e non è dunque compreso nella pellicola. La distribuzione di Eega è stata fissata per la prima settimana di luglio.

Akash Kapur presenta India becoming

Hindustan Times oggi ha pubblicato un'interessante intervista concessa dallo scrittore Akash Kapur, nella quale Akash presenta il suo libro, India becoming - A portrait of life in modern India: 'What really struck me is the sheer rapidity of change people are dealing with. You’re not just talking about people whose parents led different lives, or even people whose childhoods were different than their adulthoods. You’re talking about people who literally, over the course of five years, seven years, have watched their world dramatically change. It’s almost like the immigrant process, people coming to a country and going through the psychological process of dislocation'. Il volume è edito da Penguin Group USA ed è stato distribuito in marzo. Sito ufficiale dell'autore. Sito ufficiale di India becoming.

Kamal Haasan: I prefer to be like Steven Spielberg

The Times of India pubblica... domani una piacevolissima intervista concessa dal leggendario Kamal Haasan. Leggiamo: '... every film that I make, I just put everything I have in it. (...) I adopt a very motherly attitude to every film of mine. I want to feed it, nurture it, and give it all the emotion I have. (...) Believe me, if you live, eat, breathe movies like the way I do, then you tend to obsess over your movies. (...) If you have Rajini (Rajinikanth) and me on board, the sky is the limit to how much you can sell a film for. But there is also a limit to how much you can pay the two of us as actors. When you finish giving him and me our remunerations, I don't think there will much of a budget left to make the movie with'.

Shanghai International Film Festival 2012

[Blog] Dal 16 al 24 giugno 2012 si svolgerà la 15ma edizione dello Shanghai International Film Festival. Vi segnaliamo i titoli indiani in cartellone.

Salman Khan: Star samaritan

Screen pubblica oggi una lunga intervista concessa dalla superstar Salman Khan.