20 marzo 2013

Bollywood's iconic hairstyles over the years

Vi segnaliamo una curiosa photo gallery pubblicata ieri da Rediff e dedicata alle acconciature sfoggiate dalle dive bollywoodiane a partire dagli anni cinquanta ad oggi. Nell'apertura del pezzo leggiamo: 'For as long as one can remember, films have dictated the trends in style - be it clothes or hair among both men and women with flourishing imagination. Every decade of Hindi films bears a stamp of individuality and instant recognition because of these seemingly frivolous attributes. Be it the timeless simplicity of the 1950s, dazzling flamboyance of the 1960s, free-spirited sleekness of the 1970s, kitschy excesses of the 1980s, exuberant vivacity of the 1990s or consciously chic approach of the 2000s and more, the imagery is copious, whimsical and super stylish'.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti: Hip Hip Huraah

E' proprio vero: una wedding song così non si era mai vista. Gustatevi il video del brano Hip Hip Huraah e... buon divertimento! Tratto dalla colonna sonora del film Mere Dad Ki Maruti. Compositore Sachin Gupta.