1 luglio 2012

Supermen of Malegaon: recensioni

In.com India, *****: 'This is not a film that you can ‘enjoy’ but it will make you happy. Whatever this may be, this is not a Bollywood masala film. Once in a while, when too much Bollywood clogs your mind, these films are like injections  of oxygen into your tired brain. Of course, this film is being released in the leading multiplexes of the country but this film is at least 300 years away from Bollywood - just like Malegaon which is 300 kilometres away from Mumbai but dares to run a parallel film industry. (...) We, therefore, rated this film five out of five stars because it deserves no less'. The Indian Express, ****: 'Rarely have I seen such a joyous celebration of the madness cinema is'. The Times of India, ***1/2: 'SOM marks new zest enlivening Indian documentary. It reflects global interest in desi movies. And it celebrates, with empathy and wit, our own fascination with films and the magic they make. (...) It is in cinema that India's vibrant creativity - its tales and taboos, its violence and splendour, its lilting music and haunting poetry (...) - find free and faithful expression. Cinema in India makes us laugh at our weaknesses, applaud our strengths, watch with tenderness and heart our grim lives and eternal hope. That is what makes it precious. And it is this quality of understanding that makes SOM. Go watch'. Rediff, ***1/2: 'If there is one problem with SOM, it is the length. At close to 60 minutes, the film proves to be too short. An hour might seem like reasonable running time for a documentary, but this one is so real, so intimate, and so engaging that you can't help but feel disappointed as the credits begin to roll. SOM is independent documentary filmmaking at its most heartfelt, most sincere, and most enjoyable. (...) This kind of film happens once in a decade or less often. And if you don't like it, then it can only mean that films were never really your thing in the first place'. Filmfare: 'With just 60 minutes of odd-run time the film leaves you hungry for more. You’d wish there was no end to this film. (...) It’s short and has enough quirks to keep you entertained. The subliminal messages are somewhere lost in the short-runtime but the film is unique enough. It surely deserves a watch'.

Shah Rukh Khan e l'Italia sulla pelle

La foto del giorno - Un'altra ragione per essere grati alla nostra lettrice M. Francesca. Nel giorno della finalissima Italia-Spagna degli Europei di calcio 2012, guardate cos'ha scovato. Un meraviglioso scatto che ritrae il Re di Bollywood equipaggiato di biancheria appropriata: un paio di (ehm) mutande con la sobria scritta ITALIA visibile ad occhio nudo anche dalla Luna. Bravo Shah Rukh: ci auguriamo custodisca il nostro Paese anche nel tuo cuore...