14 luglio 2012

L'ultimo uomo nella torre - Aravind Adiga: recensione di Indian words

Recensione del romanzo L'ultimo uomo nella torre di Aravind Adiga pubblicato da Giulio Einaudi editore. Indian words

Gangs of Wasseypur: Beyond Good and Evil

Outlook India ieri ha pubblicato un'originale analisi di Gangs of Wasseypur.

The man who tried to remember - Makarand Sathe

Recensione del romanzo The man who tried to remember di Makarand Sathe edito da Penguin Books India. Hindustan Times. Il libro, originariamente in lingua marathi, sembra davvero intrigante: 'Much of the novel is concerned with showing how ‘reality’ is constructed by collective beliefs and ritualistic praxes - that everything from social institutions to people’s lives to the language through which all experience is ordered and expressed have no ontological purity but is part of the semiotics of social existence. (...) Technically, the novel blends in elements of the modernist stream-of-consciousness with a postmodern absurdist play on language to create a fictional idiom that embodies the author’s social constructionist view of life. Identity becomes a major theme. (...) That salvation for someone could mean saving a long-held self-image rather than saving his life is one of the cardinal points made by the novel, as is the implied assertion of the publicly constructed nature of normalcy and sanity. (...) The book, despite its philosophical richness, is almost never dull but enlivened with a lively wit that brings out the absurdity - the inconclusive, unending interplay of competing meanings - inherent to language and social praxes.

Box office: 6/12 luglio 2012

1 - Bol Bachchan (distribuito il 06.07); 2 - Gangs of Wasseypur I (22.06). Bollywood Hungama

Deepika Padukone: Screen 13 luglio 2012

La copertina del numero del 13 luglio 2012 di Screen è dedicata a Deepika Padukone.