16 marzo 2013

Box office: 08/14 marzo 2013

1 - Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (distribuito il 08.03); 2 - Kai Po Che! (22.02); 3 - I, Me Aur Main (01.03); 4 - The attacks of 26/11 (01.03). Bollywood Hungama

Jolly L.L.B.: recensioni

The Times of India, *** 1/2: 'Rather like its protagonist, Jolly L.L.B.'s first half meanders a bit, (...) - but boy, does its second half hammer things home. With crackling scenes between Jolly versus Rajpal (Irani deadly smooth, like velvet soaked in blood) and Rajpal versus judge Tripathi (Shukla in a brilliant show, ...), the action becomes electric. Drama builds as Jolly (Warsi, highly endearing and impressive) finds his voice. (...) Jolly L.L.B. works because of its bigger point - decency is for all and worth fighting for. Using bittersweet satire and plot twirls, the film shows corruption even used against the corrupt. Despite that weaker first half, this truly becomes a Jolly good show'.
Hindustan Times, ***: 'Jolly L.L.B. is a feel-good satire in the best sense of the term. (...) Writer-director Subhash Kapoor tells his story with conviction, skillfully creating a theatre of the absurd. (...) Parts of Jolly L.L.B. are laugh-out-loud funny, but underneath the humour is an angry critique of the system, so easily manipulated by the rich and so difficult to penetrate for the poor. You go in expecting a comedy, but the story takes some unexpected turns and ends in a rousing climax that is moving and inspiring. My trouble with the film was that Jolly's path is almost too easy. The clumsiest track is his love angle, which forces some unnecessary songs on us. (...) Thankfully, three key actors shoulder the film – Irani, Warsi and the excellent Saurabh Shukla. (...) Despite the uneven writing, Jolly L.L.B. works because it has heart. Make time for it this weekend'.

Mere Dad Ki Maruti: recensioni

The Times of India, ***: 'Since the 'Punjabi' card has been used in films for years, it makes the film look a tad conventional. However, in spite of certain cliches, the film manages to entertain you with its effortless performances, simple story and situational humour. (...) Don't expect an out-and-out comedy, the film is a light-hearted family entertainer with a message for the youth'.
Hindustan Times, * 1/2: 'The saving grace, such as it is, is the dad, (...) played rather convincingly by Ram Kapoor. He is easily the standout actor, completely in-character. (...) The predictable storyline could have done with more absurdity. The laughs are provided mostly by one-liners. (...) In essence, the problem with... Maruti isn’t the parts. It’s the whole'.

Salman Rushdie ospite di Libri come 2013

L'edizione 2013 di Libri come - Festival del Libro e della Lettura si svolge a Roma dal 14 al 17 marzo all'Auditorium Parco della Musica. Salman Rushdie interverrà alla manifestazione domenica 17 marzo alle ore 21.00 presso la Sala Petrassi. Il biglietto costa 2 euro. Area del sito dell'Auditorium dedicata all'evento.