28 giugno 2012

The Indian independent film industry: where do we go now?

DearCinema oggi ha pubblicato un lungo articolo dedicato alla scena indipendente. L'autore tenta di fornire una corretta definizione di cinema indipendente che tenga conto delle peculiarità indiane, compila una lista degli aspetti che andrebbero creati o rafforzati, ed infine si chiede: dove sta andando il cinema indiano indipendente? 'To build and sustain a viable Independent Film Industry in India we need an ecosystem. This ecosystem of studios/financers, production houses, filmmakers with truly independent voices, talent development programs, festivals with real curatorial authority, dedicated venues for indie film/exhibitors, independent film press to solely review indie films and only report on specialty film box office, and most importantly organizations and institutions dedicated to audience building. The audience that will buy the tickets/ DVDs/ downloads/ merchandise/ what have you, and pump the monies into this ecosystem. (...) The difference between the Bollywood film and the Indian Indie is just that - the quintessential Bollywood musical gives the audience what they expect, and the Indian Indie ideally gives them what they least expect but hopefully want. The other difference is that the Bollywood apparatus like a true industry is very good at defining its product, hence making it ‘commercial’, and the Indian Indie World is not'.

Jism 2: nuova locandina e title track

Vi presentiamo la nuova locandina di Jism 2 nonchè il video - in edizione non censurata - della title track.

Mard : Recensione

[Blog] Recensione di Mard (1985) film di Manmohan Desai con Amitabh Bachchan e Amrita Singh. 

Anurag Kashyap: Poster boy of Hindie

Vi segnaliamo l'articolo di Anupama Chopra dedicato ad Anurag Kashyap pubblicato ieri da Hindustan Times: '(...) Kashyap is no longer a one-man movement. Over the years, he has mentored dozens of directors and an astonishing pool of talent. (...) These films and filmmakers are slowly expanding the definition of Indian cinema abroad. Bollywood is still the mother brand but there is an increasing recognition that an alternative cinema is emerging. (...) What’s exciting is that Hindie and mainstream filmmakers are feeding off each other. So Motwane’s next is a period film with mainstream stars, Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha. Kashyap is a co-producer. His next directorial project is also a period film - Bombay Velvet, set in the 1960s Jazz Age, starring Ranbir Kapoor. The creative churning is yielding sparkling cinema. Which is why Anurag Kashyap matters'.