10 agosto 2012

The underrated sixties in films

Vi segnaliamo un interessante articolo pubblicato da The Times of India il 6 agosto 2012 dedicato agli anni sessanta nella cinematografia hindi: 'The 1960s were a unique and transitional moment of Hindi cinema. It is a period in Indian film history, which hasn't received as much attention from writers as has the periods immediately preceding and the decade that followed. It was an era of immense versatility, which however remains overwhelmed by the immediate post-Independence era of the 1950s (...) and the iconic angry young man years of the 1970s and 1980s. (...) The 1960s' films were often unashamedly upper-middle class, and showed the luxury of plush living rooms with grand pianos, richly upholstered sofas and carpets, fancy cradle telephones, clubs and parties, dancing, picnics and hill stations. It was when the first Indian films started being shot abroad, in exotic foreign locales. (...) Yet, the 1960s' 'entertainment' of Hindi films was not without its subtext. At a time when the optimism of the immediate post-Independence years was waning given the realities of life, but had still not become the popular discontent of the 1970s, Hindi films provided a vicarious pleasure to many, going against the Nehruvian diktat of nation and nationalism. In an era of austerity and import-substitution where the average person was told to think and consume 'Indian', Hindi cinema supplied a bold alternate culture. It worked not through overtly challenging the dominant discourse but by simply drawing a whole generation into a very cosmopolitan culture of unashamed consumption. In no other period were Hindi films and stars so obviously 'inspired' by Hollywood films. (...) Helen, the vamp of the era did it best perhaps, carrying off the latest international fashion trends, hairdo and all. It was derivative, no doubt, but also immensely liberating'.