12 giugno 2012

Marc Webb: Irrfan Khan has a very commanding presence

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spider-Man verrà distribuito nelle sale indiane il 29 giugno 2012, una settimana prima rispetto agli Stati Uniti. Il regista Marc Webb commenta così la performance di Irrfan Khan: 'I have been an enormous fan of Irrfan for a very long time. I first saw him in The namesake, The warrior and in TV series In treatment. For Dr. Ratha, I needed someone who projected sophistication, had lot of strength and a very commanding presence and Irrfan fit that bill. He is in the first half of the film and in several scenes. I would not call his character a good guy or the bad guy, I would say he has a job to do and he has started about doing it. Dr. Ratha works in Oscorp, the company owned by previous villain Norman Osborn. Irrfan plays the boss of Dr. Curt Conner. He plays an important role in Conner's transformation as villain The Lizard. Irrfan provides the pressure'. Screen