7 maggio 2012

DJ Fatboy Slim charms Delhi

Fatboy Slim a Gurgaon
La foto del giorno - Hindustan Times ha pubblicato oggi la cronaca dell'esibizione di Fatboy Slim a Gurgaon, città satellite di Delhi. L'articolo espone qualche interessante considerazione: 'The brisk growth of the Indian economy especially in the service sector and its integration with the world has not only put money in the pockets of our youth but has also diversified our tastes and choices. DJ Fatboy Slim's maiden tour to India follows DJ Guetta's successful gig in March this year. These represent, as observed by music buffs, a growing trend where international bands and brands flock to India eager to tap into our markets. Musical concerts as well as hi-life events offer a golden opportunity to lifestyle brands (watches, liquor, designer wear, tobacco companies) to sensitise their target audience consisting of uber riche youth and crème de la crème of high society. As per analysts, with the saturation of the Western markets the future growth in the electronic dance music genre will be seen in emerging markets of Brazil and India'.