30 maggio 2012

Why America loves brain-dead Bollywood

Il 23 maggio 2012 Firstpost ha pubblicato un interessante articolo che espone un punto di vista originale in relazione al presunto idillio sbocciato fra Bollywood e il pubblico americano. Leggiamo: 'Our movies are newly beloved precisely because they are seen not as great cinema but as a cultural experience of the wild, wild East. (...) Finally, commercial Hindi movies are getting the respect they deserve... Well, 'respect' may be the wrong word. Bollywood is now the official bimbo of the international film scene. No one cares what our movies say as long as they look good and offer mindless fun. In fact, that’s our designated job according the kitsch-is-cool pose adopted by American critics. Cartoonish characters, absurd plotlines and bad dialogue? Thank you, that’s exactly what we ordered, with a giant serving of exotic locales, dance numbers, and costumes, please! (...) In American eyes, Bollywood becomes the cinematic equivalent of going to the circus. (...) Indian cinema suffers from what George Bush once described as 'the soft bigotry of low expectations'. (...) The underlying message is that 'serious' cinema is best left to those who know how - in Hollywood, France, even Iran. Our job on the international cinema stage is simple: look pretty and play dumb.'