16 maggio 2012

Mohammed Hanif: The joys and struggles of everyday life

Vi segnaliamo l'intervista concessa dallo scrittore pachistano Mohammed Hanif (Il caso dei manghi esplosivi) a Qantara, pubblicata il 14 maggio 2012. L'autore presenta il suo nuovo romanzo, Our Lady of Alice Bhatti. Confermiamo che è sempre un piacere leggere le interviste piene di ironia rilasciate da Hanif. Un esempio: 'I do not usually like the word "minority" because when you call a group a minority, society is absolving itself of its moral and political responsibility. (...) Take, for example, women in Pakistan. In terms of numbers, they are the majority; they far outnumber men. But are they treated like a majority? No. We still treat them like a subspecies, like we treat animals that we don't like. (...)  People still haven't been able to decide the biggest debate in Pakistan, which is this: why did Pakistan come into existence? More then 65 years have passed, and we still haven't been able to reach some minimum kind of consensus on that. (...) Somebody is dying of hunger or blown up by some explosion or has suffered terribly in some way. That is when it makes it to your TV screen. That is when it gets written about in the newspapers. And that somehow reduces all of society to this bizarre image of either people who are completely suffering or being bombed to death, people who are starving because of national disasters or drones striking people in the mountains, whereas the majority of people live somewhere between these two extremes'.