8 marzo 2014

Bhoothnath Returns: Party Toh Banti Hai

Vi segnaliamo il video del brano Party Toh Banti Hai incluso nella colonna sonora del film Bhoothnath Returns.

Rowdy: locandina e trailer

Il nuovo film di Ram Gopal Varma, Rowdy, è in lingua telugu, ed è interpretato da Mohan Babu. Pare che la pellicola sia stata realizzata in soli 30 giorni. Vi presentiamo il trailer.

2 States: Offo!

Vi segnaliamo il video del brano Offo! incluso nella colonna sonora del film 2 States, composta da Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

Queen: recensione di Rediff

Queen, film in distribuzione da ieri, sta registrando solo commenti positivi. Vi segnaliamo l'entusiastica (a dir poco) recensione di Rediff: 'Kangana Ranaut is gobstoppingly spectacular. The actress has always flirted with the unfamiliar but here - at her most real, at her most gorgeously guileless - she absolutely shines and the film stands back and lets her rule. There are many natural actresses in Hindi cinema today, but what Ranaut does here, the way she captures both the squeals and the silences of the character, is very special indeed. Her character is built to be endearing and Ranaut, while playing her Rani with wide-eyed candour, is ever sweet but never cloying. It’s a bold but immaculately measured performance, internalised and powerful while simultaneously as overt as it needs to be to moisten every eye in the house. (...) Everyone in this film is playing a supporting role, even the director. When nothing else works in the shot, you can turn unfailingly to Rani, besotted, and smile at her with an affection you saved for your teenage crushes. She’s a wonder. (...) Ranaut always seemed like a misfit in mainstream Hindi cinema, a stunning but strange creature who belonged to a different jigsaw, but now our movies are beginning to catch up with her. Queen is a good entertainer, sure, but, more critically, it is a showcase for an actress poised to reign. This is one of those monumental moments when you feel the movies shift, and nothing remains the same. I've seen the future, baby, and it's Kangana'.