21 luglio 2013

D-Day: recensioni

The Times of India, *** 1/2: 'Straight up, D-Day is explosive at three levels. The plot crackles. The acting sears. And the music flares with passion. (...) Irrfan (Khan) amazes, switching from tender to treacherous in a flash, (...) Arjun (Rampal) looks smashing and pulls off a competent act (...) but Rishi Kapoor stands out as Iqbal Seth, with his polyester-like silky malevolence, his mocking manipulations, his eyes behind red goggles, both frightened and frightening'.
Hindustan Times, ** 1/2: 'Advani shows command over the genre in D-Day. The action is slick, the settings credible and the cinematography impressive. (...) And till halfway point, the film is thoroughly gripping. Post that, however, the story unravels so fantastically, it demands tremendous suspension of disbelief. (...) Irrfan (Khan), unsurprisingly, is also the strongest actor. Arjun Rampal (...) brings to the role what he brings to every film — good looks and a standard brooding expression. Huma Qureshi (...) gets plenty of screen time, but has little to do. As does Kapoor who, when not getting yanked around at gunpoint, spews one-liners like (...) “pull the trigger, don’t stretch the matter".

Ramaiya Vastavaiya: recensioni

The Times of India, ** 1/2: 'The film (remake of Prabhudheva's debut directorial Telugu film) isn't ripe with any newness - in story or direction. In fact, it discernibly replants stories from the 80's-90's era (...), with cliches, a banal plot, a field-full of supporting cast (...) and a budding lead pair. Debutant Girish (Kumar) makes a splash of an entry (surfing in blue seas, 'Bond' babes take a bow), and dances with flair. His overly exuberant performance seems flaky in the first half. Later (...) he breaks loose and performs a tad better. Shruti (Haasan) looks the desi beauty; her performance is not striking, yet likeable. Sonu is the best of the 'crop', his years of labour as an actor shows. There are few good laughs, doses of sweetness and fresh melodies (Sachin-Jigar), but sadly even that is mowed down by heightened histrionics, routine dialogues and a trite tale'.
Hindustan Times, * 1/2: 'Rich boy, poor girl, inevitable romance and the trials in the path for 'true love'. The formulaic love story was in the 90s what south remakes is in today's Bollywood. It raked in money, made women believe in archetypical romantic hero willing to kill and be killed was real and launched the careers of some today's biggest stars. Ramesh Taurani has produced some of those 90s romances. Now, he decides to make one for his son. However, the formula is stale and RV rehashes older stories rather than create a new one'.

Ship of Theseus: recensioni

The Times of India, ***: 'Three films born out of a philosophical theory, which provoke you to think, question and introspect. This philosophical paean is a 3-part story, each one as complex, conflicting and contemplative. (...) Gandhi's ruminative subject, catering to art-house cinema lovers (has won critical acclaim in international film festivals), is deeply layered and beautifully intricate. He doesn't compromise artistic depth for commerce, even for a moment, though the story-telling is not without flaws. The pace is exhaustingly slow and scenes monotonously long. This idea could be compressed into smaller 'lifeboats' and still sail safe. (...) Well, watch this if you are ready for some soul-searching that ends with an intellectual orgasm'.
Hindustan Times, ****: 'It is, no doubt, an intellectual exercise, the sort festival films often indulge in. Yet, the narrative is lucid, and the stories are simple and deeply moving. And it’s all captured in stunning frames, as colourful and evocative as varied in range. (...) Yet the film truly impresses, as much for its assured direction as for its ability to make you think. SOT is perhaps too far removed from the Bollywood mainstream to make a splash at the box office'.

Le prime del 19 luglio: D-Day

Nikhil Advani torna alla macchina da presa esplorando un genere per lui inedito: in D-Day mescola il crime con l'azione, e regala a Rishi Kapoor un ruolo negativo da urlo. Rishi interpreta Dawood Ibrahim, affiancato da Irrfan Khan, Arjun Rampal, Huma Qureshi e Shruti Haasan. La colonna sonora è composta da Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Vi proponiamo i video dei brani Duma Dum (item song di Rajpal Yadav?), Alvida (la voce femminile è quella di Shruti Haasan, che è anche un'affermata cantante) e Murshid. Trailer.

Le prime del 19 luglio: Ship of Theseus

Grazie alla presentazione di Kiran Rao e allo sforzo distributivo di UTV Motion Pictures, arriva nelle sale indiane una delle pellicole più osannate negli ultimi tempi dalla critica: Ship of Theseus di Anand Gandhi. SOT è stato proiettato in prima mondiale al Toronto International Film Festival 2012, e successivamente incluso nel programma di numerose rassegne internazionali (Tokyo, Londra, Dubai, Brisbane, Rotterdam, Hong Kong), guadagnandosi ovunque premi e recensioni entusiastiche (v. recensione di Variety). Trailer sottotitolato in inglese.

Le prime del 19 luglio: Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Prabhu Deva con Ramaiya Vastavaiya realizza il remake hindi di Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, il suo film di debutto alla regia (2005, in lingua telugu). Il ruolo dei protagonisti è affidato a Shruti Haasan - figlia del leggendario attore e regista tamil Kamal Haasan - e all'esordiente Girish Kumar, affiancati da Sonu Sood. Jacqueline Fernandez interpreta la coreografia dell'item song Jadoo Ki Jhappi, in compagnia dello stesso Prabhu Deva (che balla, al solito, come un dio). La colonna sonora è composta da Sachin Jigar. Un altro assaggio nel brano Hip Hop Pammi. Trailer.

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: recensioni

The Times of India, ****: 'Mehra is brilliant at his craft; he infuses realism into drama, and explores characters so deeply and sensitively through tragedy and triumph, that it sparks an emotional deluge. The movie transitions from flashback sepia tones to moods of present, without losing the grip of emotions, ever. Cinematography is ace (Binod Pradhan); the music (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) heightens the drama. Prasoon's writing is powerful, lyrics are pure poetry and emotions robustly sweep the scenes with few dialogues. While there's a lot to marvel at, a hint of the director's over-indulgence in the art, results in a long 'runtime' and prolonged scenes that distract. Farhan (Akhtar) is fantastic! He peeps through Milkha's core to essay this role. With an awe-inspiring body, grit and guts, he puts blood and sweat into Milkha. (...) Overall, BMB pulsates with the storyteller's sheer passion all the way to the finish line. While you are on-the-run, pause to watch this one'.
Hindustan Times, **: 'For a film about sprinting and clocking shortest timings possible, BMB moves at a snail’s pace and goes on for over 3 hours. And while the protagonist purportedly possesses tremendous focus, the film seems to lack that very quality. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s ‘biopic’ (the word has been reiterated by the makers at every interview opportunity) on Indian sprinter Milkha Singh is, at best, a meandering, indulgent version of a real story. And though it touches upon uncomfortable incidents, it painstakingly seeks to justify and glorify its hero with melodrama, dramatic camerawork and slow-motion shots of rippling muscles. (...) However, clichés notwithstanding, Farhan’s (Akhtar) performance is sincere and, at times, beautifully nuanced. His (much-flaunted) physique is only the most obvious manifestation of his prep. His accent is spot on. (...) A screenplay that trundles along, overburdened by needless song-and-dance, distractingly detailed episodes and a bevy of flat supporting characters'.

Lootera: recensioni e Manmarziyan

The Times of India, ****: 'In his second outing, (...) Motwane definitely shows an upward graph. He transports you to the '50s effortlessly with his vintage cars, opulent havelis, authentic costumes and terrific performances from his lead cast. Every frame is a picture postcard. Sonakshi (Sinha), Barun Chanda and Ranveer (Singh) need special mention. However, be suitably warned; the old-world aura and the languid pace are not for the young and restless'.
Hindustan Times, *** 1/2: 'A short story is, by definition, short. To transform it into a feature-length film brings with it the challenge (and the freedom) of conjuring up convincing motivations and back stories. Motwane decides it’s a love story — arguably the easier route to take. And he creates powerful vignettes that aren’t all rose-tinted, but also guilty and angst-ridden. However, he sacrifices logic and motivation when convenient, and in that lies Lootera’s shortcoming. (...) He captures the fading glory of zamindars in 1953 Bengal. It is lavish, but not kitschy, unlike Bhansali’s Devdas. He also creates a powerful heroine, the likes of whom rarely inhabit mainstream Bollywood. (...) Sinha deftly plays the frustrated writer and disillusioned romantic, making you wonder if this is the same actor from those masala potboilers. (...) A talented supporting cast, meanwhile, is largely wasted as side characters that flit about without direction. Flaws notwithstanding, Lootera is of a standard that’s inarguably higher than the Bollywood average. Here’s a director to watch out for'.
Il film ha incontrato il favore entusiastico della critica indiana. Vi segnaliamo la recensione di Rediff che regala a Lootera un rarissimo *****. Vi offriamo inoltre il video del brano Manmarziyan incluso nella colonna sonora composta da Amit Trivedi.

Policegiri: recensioni

The Times of India, ** 1/2: 'Clearly catering to the masses and fans of masala potboilers, this Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster Saamy (2003) has all the right ingredients, required to appeal to its audience. It has the standard 'cop-cleansing-crime' theme, gravity defying stunts, slow-mo loud action scenes, dramatic storyline, over-dramatic dialogues, superhero-esque cop and a funny villain. Bollywood's fixation for formulaic cop films with south sensibility continues and if you don't have an issue with it, you certainly won't mind watching Policegiri. (...) However, as an actor, Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) does not ape Salman (Khan) in any way. In spite of his age and not-so-fit body, Dutt manages to bring his own elements to the film. His individualistic style is what makes the film look different. (...) The second half drags endlessly'.
Hindustan Times, *: 'Policegiri is less of a movie and more of a business idea. The commodity being sold is Sanjay Dutt, an ageing star with a sizeable, and presently nostalgic, fan following. (...) Things explode from the word go, villains crash through glass with incredible frequency and Dutt punches, kicks, shoots and shouts, sometimes all at the same time. However, the 50-plus actor no longer has the physical agility or the biceps of a Salman Khan or an Ajay Devgn. So he keeps his fluorescent shirts on. Thank god for that. The women in such potboilers are invariably irrelevant. So you have Prachi Desai as the insipid love interest. It might still have worked if their pairing looked a tad more glamorous and a tad less young girl-sugar daddy. The music is bland, and the south-inspired action repetitive, giving you little to take away (headache notwithstanding). Policegiri is entirely forgettable. And that may be a good thing. For the audience, as much for Dutt’s reputation'.

Le prime del 12 luglio: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Viene finalmente distribuito nelle sale indiane l'ultimo lavoro di Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, la biografia sportiva Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Nel cast uno strepitoso Farhan Akhtar, affiancato da Sonam Kapoor. Vi segnaliamo la nuova locandina, il trailer e i video dei brani Mera Yaar, Zinda (magnifico!) e O Rangrez, inclusi nella colonna sonora del film composta da Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Vi proponiamo anche una lunga, interessante intervista congiunta concessa da Mehra, da Farhan e dal vero Milkha Singh a India Today (video 60 minuti).

Anurag Kashyap: Brunch 7 luglio 2013

La copertina del numero del 7 luglio 2013 di Brunch - supplemento domenicale di Hindustan Times - è dedicata ad Anurag Kashyap. Vi segnaliamo il magnifico articolo Anurag Kashyap, the Godfather.

Zanjeer: locandina e trailer

Sembra confermato: il 6 settembre 2013 verrà distribuito nelle sale indiane Zanjeer, versione girata simultaneamente in lingua hindi di Thoofan, remake telugu di Zanjeer del 1973 interpretato dal leggendario Amitabh Bachchan. I protagonisti della pellicola diretta da Apoorva Lakhia sono la star telugu Ram Charan Teja (decisamente figo) al suo debutto a Bollywood e Priyanka Chopra, affiancati da Sanjay Dutt (solo nella versione hindi), Atul Kulkarni, Prakash Raj e Mahi Gill. Trailer. Per il trailer e la locandina di Thoofan: clicca qui.

Satya 2: locandina, trailer, Machinegun, Tu Nahi

Satya non è solo un capolavoro della cinematografia popolare in lingua hindi, la cui visione è irrinunciabile per chiunque voglia avvicinarsi al cinema indiano, ma è anche, insieme al popolarissimo Rangeela, il titolo più celebre e glorificato della filmografia del vulcanico regista Ram Gopal Varma. Potete dunque ben figurarvi l'attesa in India per Satya 2. Vi presentiamo la locandina, il trailer, e i video dei brani Machinegun e Tu Nahi. In questo filmato RGV presenta Satya 2. La pellicola è simultaneamente girata in lingua telugu, con un cast in parte modificato.

Madhuri Dixit: Andpersand luglio-agosto 2013

La copertina del numero di luglio-agosto 2013 del periodico Andpersand è dedicata a Madhuri Dixit. Ne approfittiamo per offrirvi una galleria di altre copertine meno recenti della stessa testata. Alcuni ritratti sono eccellenti.
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