16 aprile 2012

Akshay Kumar: intervista - The Film Street Journal, aprile 2012

Housefull 2 al botteghino sta incassando cifre stellari, per la gioia della superstar Akshay Kumar (e dei suoi numerosissimi fan). Celebriamo anche noi il successo della pellicola segnalandovi l'intervista concessa da Akki a The Film Street Journal, pubblicata nel numero di aprile 2012 del periodico.

Rude travel: Venice - Lost and found

Vi segnaliamo Rude travel: Venice - Lost and found, lungo articolo di Vir Sanghvi dedicato a Venezia e pubblicato il 14 aprile 2012 da Hindustan Times. Un assaggio: 'What makes Venice special is that it is entirely theatrical, a city built by generations of production designers all seeking to impress. Part of the theatricality is the sense of timelessness. (...) At first you think the city looks different only because of the canals and waterways. But when you think about it, another reason becomes apparent: there are few trees or green spaces in Venice. It is an entirely urban landscape, created by history’s greatest theatrical designers and architects. Unlike many other Italian cities where there was an aristocratic tradition with kings and courts, Venice was created by merchants and traders. It had no king and called itself a republic. It was ruled – from time to time – by a Doge who was elected by Venetians and who worked to advance the city’s commercial interests. The ethos was set by the merchants who sought to impress, who worshipped wealth and ostentation and had a particular fondness for ornamentation'.