13 giugno 2012

The usefulness of celebrities

Gli indiani coltivano con orgoglio non solo uno smisurato amore per il loro cinema ma anche un'ossessione pressochè unica al mondo nei confronti delle star. Il bello e il brutto di Bollywood. The Times of India il 3 giugno 2012 ha pubblicato un articolo che tenta di analizzare il femoneno: 'It is common to speak of the arrogance of stars, and of their tendency to assume that they are the centre of our universe, but this is almost entirely the result of our intense involvement with them. It is we who give a film star such importance. (...) The celebrity is nothing but a glittering magnified version of all our perceived inadequacies and all our unrequited fantasies. (...) The obsession with celebrities is in some ways an obsession with impossible greatness. We construct these idols in order to play with them. (...) They are thought experiments, societal whatifs brought to life for our amusement; they cost nothing to maintain and can be abandoned at will. They help us simulate intense feelings that we can walk away from without a trace of any emotional residue'.