13 giugno 2012

In search of Hindi new wave

Vi segnaliamo un articolo pubblicato il primo giugno 2012 da DearCinema dedicato al cinema hindi indipendente. L'autore prende spunto dalle tre pellicole presentate al Festival di Cannes - Miss Lovely, Peddlers e Gangs of Wasseypur - per delinearne le caratteristiche comuni che le differenziano dalle megaproduzioni bollywoodiane: 'Unlike usual Bollywood sagas, these films do not ride on stars. Except Kashyap, the two directors are debutants and they avoid breaking the flow of narrative to make room for song-dance sequences. This new generation of filmmakers relies on handheld camera and except Miss Lovely which is a period drama, they use real locations instead of sets and studios. Our cinema, which has very rightfully been a picture of our repressed sexuality, seems to be going through adolescence. Sexuality forms a cornerstone of these films. At times, the vehemence with which sexual references are drawn seems teenage expression of sexual awakening. (...) Film movements all over the world have been marked by their distinctive political positions. Films of earlier New Wave in Hindi cinema shared the Nehruvian vision of socialism, democracy and secularism. This generation is largely apolitical in that sense. (...) Amidst their dissimilarities, what unites these films is their international acceptability. The fact that these films are highly individualistic and driven by distinctive directorial visions is also worth noting. These films also mark the new generation’s dissatisfaction with Bollywood and its industrialized mode of film production. This generation is well-versed with contemporary international cinema and keen on reaching out to audiences in India and all over the world'.