15 giugno 2012

Akash Kapur presenta India becoming

Hindustan Times oggi ha pubblicato un'interessante intervista concessa dallo scrittore Akash Kapur, nella quale Akash presenta il suo libro, India becoming - A portrait of life in modern India: 'What really struck me is the sheer rapidity of change people are dealing with. You’re not just talking about people whose parents led different lives, or even people whose childhoods were different than their adulthoods. You’re talking about people who literally, over the course of five years, seven years, have watched their world dramatically change. It’s almost like the immigrant process, people coming to a country and going through the psychological process of dislocation'. Il volume è edito da Penguin Group USA ed è stato distribuito in marzo. Sito ufficiale dell'autore. Sito ufficiale di India becoming.