12 giugno 2012

After Tagore, who?

Hindustan Times oggi ha pubblicato un interessante articolo dedicato alla presunta stagnazione culturale in atto nel Bengala occidentale, stato dell'unione indiana di cui Kolkata (Calcutta) è la capitale. Leggiamo: '(...) when an entire state remains trapped in nostalgia, as Bengal seems to be, then nostalgia becomes a force of deadly inertia. (...) Bengal may never again experience a 21st century version of its famous 19th century renaissance or re-birth. (...) Today every great Bengali is either dead or living outside Bengal. Rammohun Roy, Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray have passed into Bengal’s ancestral pantheon. The celebrated Bengalis of our time from Amartya Sen to Amitav Ghosh have migrated from Bengal. The only resident Bengali who is still somewhat of an all-India hero is perhaps Sourav Ganguly (noto giocatore di cricket). But after Ganguly, who? (...) Talented new film directors like Sujoy Ghosh of Kahaani, doyens of the arts like Aparna Sen, the Shankars and even designer Sabyasachi do Bengal proud, but the majority of young Bengalis are failing to obtain the kind of quality education and access to new ideas, that Bengal was once famous for. Bengal is no longer generating the one resource it has always generated: the visionary, inventive and iconoclast mind'.