25 maggio 2012

Indian cinema is a joke at Cannes

Non tutti sono entusiasti per il numero di pellicole indiane proiettate quest'anno al Festival di Cannes e negli eventi collaterali alla manifestazione. Il produttore Sheetal Talwar, commentando la festa organizzata lunedì scorso all'Indian Pavilion, tuona sulle colonne di The Times of India: 'It's nothing but mutual masturbation. We're a fucking joke at Cannes. Every year we hear of this or that film going to Cannes. The fact is, hardly any Indian ever makes it into the competitive section. Even this year apart from Ashim Ahluwalia's Miss Lovely, all the other films that you hear about being at Cannes are in non-competitive sections. Every year I come here and I see the Indian government's money being wasted by the so-called Indian Pavilion. What does this Pavilion achieve every year at Cannes? According to me, zilch. Every year members of the Indian film industry travel business class to Cannes, party with one another and go back without making any difference to global cinema. What does the party achieve in terms of getting us global recognition? How can we claim to crack Cannes when we can't even get any international filmmaker or actor to attend our party out there? (...) The rest of us - and I include myself - are only wasting our time over here at Cannes. Indian cinema is a joke at Cannes. But we don't realize it because we're busy having a good time at our government's expense. We continue to praise our own cinema and feel great about making what we consider world-class cinema. But face it barring a stray Satyajit Ray or Mira Nair, the world is not interested in our cinema'.