21 maggio 2012

Gul Panag: I stand for what I believe is right

Vi proponiamo l'intervista concessa da Gul Panag a The Kashmir Scenario, pubblicata ieri. Leggiamo alcune dichiarazioni: 'I like to think I am a balanced individual, capable of seeing both sides in an argument. Often people label me a leftist, often a right winger. The fact remains that I stand for what I believe is right - irrespective of ideological lines. (...) Majority of women in India are subjugated, suppressed and lack the basic decision making freedom that we all take for granted. The only way forward for their emancipation and empowerment is economic independence'. Vi segnaliamo anche l'articolo Against the current, pubblicato sempre ieri da Hindustan Times, nel quale Gul annuncia il suo primo film in lingua punjabi.