29 maggio 2012

Attitude Bollytude

Metropoli d'Asia ha segnalato un magnifico articolo, Attitude Bollytude, pubblicato da Outlook India. Leggiamo un estratto: '(...) unlike other fictional forms, the feature film didn’t come to us second-hand: we were in on the story from the beginning. Colonised countries like ours borrowed the short story, the novel and literary modernism itself from the West. (...) But the feature film as a fictional form is unique because it emerged at exactly the same time in India as it did in Britain or America. (...) The overwhelming majority of feature films made in India during the silent era had mythological and historical themes; western cinema framed its films in formally realist settings. (...) Cinema in India didn’t dance to the western tunes; it marched to the beat of its own drum. (...) this emphasis on ‘hybridity’ and borrowing leads critics into a larger temptation, namely, the idea that Indian film-makers adapted an art made elsewhere to exotic Indian ends. (...) This unease is compounded by the feeling that not only are Bombay’s films not original, they are also, in terms of the production values of the western film, not very good. (...) The truth is that it is not Bombay’s cinema but our understanding of what a good film ought to be that is derivative'. Capito?? L'autore è un genio!