9 maggio 2012

Anurag Kashyap presenta Gangs of Wasseypur

Anurag Kashyap, regista e produttore fuori dal coro, è l'uomo del momento. Con tre titoli in cartellone al Festival di Cannes, Anurag è giustamente euforico. Vi segnaliamo questa lunga intervista (prima e seconda parte) concessa da Kashyap a Rediff, nella quale scopriamo diverse cose interessanti riguardanti Gangs of Wasseypur: 'Wasseypur has a very different kind of atmosphere. People watch cinema the whole day. Their lives are influenced by cinema. Everybody carries a gun. It is a very strange world. It is not like any underworld that you have known and seen. (...) Manoj Bajpai's house in the film is my house, where I lived and where Abhinav (il fratello, regista di Dabangg) was born. (...) It has 340 cast actors who have dialogues. (...) There are characters in the film who dress like their favourite actors, walk and talk like them, and mouth their film dialogues. I would say Bollywood's actual fan base is in Wasseypur. All the people in Wasseypur are foot soldiers, criminals, illegal businessman. I have never seen this mix of Bollywood and crime anywhere else. The star of the film is the place, it's that world'. E per quanto concerne Vidya Balan: 'I think Vidya should be given an award just like that for her choice of films. (...) I am a big supporter of courage. Anybody who shows courage should be rewarded. The box office is rewarding her and the country is applauding her so I am happy for Vidya Balan. I have thought about casting her many times and we have talked about ideas, but it has to be the right thing because people have certain expectations from her. I can't take a film to her unless the film is on her'. Vi segnaliamo anche questo articolo pubblicato oggi da Forbes India che ci illustra come funziona la casa di produzione di Kashyap, e getta luce dunque sulla realizzazione di pellicole indipendenti in India.