11 maggio 2012

Anurag Kashyap: I'm still a struggler

Il regista, produttore (e attore) Anurag Kashyap annuncia in questo articolo pubblicato... domani da The Times of India la sua intenzione di cimentarsi, entro la fine dell'anno, con un fumetto di stampo molto desi in lingua hindi. Ecco come Kashyap analizza il suo rapporto con l'industria cinematografica di Mumbai: '(...) I am working in an industry where people are very conditioned. They see things just one way and it took me a long time to make them see things in another manner. My films got banned and I got wondering what's wrong. Then I realised the problem was with the system. It does not define my films as cinema. My struggle was that I saw films differently from others in the space I worked in. (...) Entertainment's definition has been reduced to making people happy. Entertainment can be many things. Industry has taken a long time to understand what I am doing is also entertainment'.