16 maggio 2012

Ab Tak 25

Il mese prossimo la Vishesh Films celebrerà 25 anni di attività. Box Office India il 12 maggio 2012 ha pubblicato un'interessante intervista concessa da uno dei due proprietari della casa di produzione: Mahesh Bhatt. Ecco quanto ha dichiarato: 'We chose to be self-sufficient rather than giving in to the star system. Being independent gives us more turnover. And films like Murder and Jannat have proved it. I cannot enslave myself to this star system. Even though we make films on a restricted budget, I boast of being independent. (...) The need of the hour is fast-paced, high-concept films. Sex, love, comedy and crime are the components of a film. The different wings of entertainment like television and broadcast are dependent on this content. And we will make these types of films. If you were to remove these elements, there would be nothing left in the film'.